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Downloads for Short Stories & Manuscript

This is S.A. Clark’s download page for his readers. The links below are for short story downloads as well as the synopsis and backstory on a selected character from his current manuscript, “The Guarding.” Click on the respective titles to activate downloads. These downloads are in Microsoft Word (.doc) format. Please feel free to add your comments regarding these downloads to the author's blog ( or click on 'blog' in the above yellow strip).

Rendezvous Squared (short story)
Charlie is the navigator on-board Vargus, NASA’s newest orbital spacecraft. After several anomalies are detected during flight, Charlie suspects the mission may be headed for disaster because of something called Esmovoir. Even Mission Control is pessimistic, but two other people on the beach at Galveston Bay know differently.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall (short story)
Physicist Dr. Brad Hammond takes a vacation from the National Center for Alternative Dynamism just west of Minneapolis. He heads for his childhood vacation spot, an isolated cabin in the woods just north of Bemidji. When he arrives, he starts to relax in the great room with wine and cheese. Then he finds a floor-length mirror in the corner isn’t quite what it seems.

The Guarding -Synopsis (Story Summary of The Guarding )
The confluence of two seemingly unrelated events—the loss of Maggie Claymore’s job in southern California and covert alien civil war activity from a planet 25 light-years away—creates an ultimate conflict of interstellar proportions.

The Guarding -Beverly (Teaser scene omitted from The Guarding )
While she sleeps in her hotel, Maggie's mother is fatally attacked by a Krellen assassin.

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