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Material Available to Publishers for First Serial Rights

This is S.A. Clark’s section for publishers. Clark's primary market is mainstream SF monthlies (serial form for book-length manuscripts) and/or SF television . Clark's genre is Urban SF. There is one book-length manuscript referenced below (The Guarding-Synopsis) in Word (.doc) format. These documents must be requested in writing on the publisher's or producer's letterhead (click on the yellow strip section entitled "Contact Mr. Clark" above for Mr. Clark's contact information). Please feel free to add your comments regarding these downloads to the author's blog (at or click on 'blog' in the above yellow strip).

The Guarding-Synopsis (Urban SF Story Summary Download)
The confluence of two seemingly unrelated events—the loss of Maggie Claymore’s job in Southern California, and covert alien civil war activity from a planet 25 light-years away—creates an ultimate conflict of interstellar proportions. Evaluation copies are available for immediate download (click on blue title).

The Guarding (Urban SF Book-length manuscript)
The story of Maggie Claymore's conversion from a young girl to the earthly protector of her family against intergalactic Krellen Mercenaries, who have established a hidden colony in the United States. This manuscript has everything: friendship, tension, affection, hatred, betrayal, shock, loyalty, treachery, and a final battle facing insurmountable odds. The current book length would yield 8,000-word segments for 15 issues or 15 television episodes. Evaluation copies are available to publishers of established periodicals or producers of established SF television media.